An Evolutionary Solution Marking a New Digital Era for LTL Carriers

Polaris Transportation Group adopted a proactive approach to revolutionize their LTLoperations and efficiencies by eliminating manual document procedures and ensuring precision in billing to significantly reduce the potential for missed charges or disputes. This transformation extends to the heart of their supply chain, where a proactive stance optimizes their operations. In addition, by offering real-time updates on the status and location of goods in transit, Polaris not only enhances their customer satisfaction but also nurtures trust in the reliability of their services.

The Results With Radaro

monthly revenue increase
0 k
decrease in missed invoices due to lost/incomplete paperwork
0 %
straight-through automation of invoicing
0 %
decrease in document handling
0 %
decrease in customer disputes (with real-time) invoicing
0 %

Company Overview

Since 1994, Polaris Transportation Group has earned its reputation for providing dependable scheduled LTL services between Canada and the USA, along with industry-leading transit times for shipments to and from the USA. Over time, Polaris has transformed to simplify the shipping industry’s operations and through a combination of innovation and acquisitions, customers now turn to Polaris for comprehensive support across all aspects of their supply chain. The Polaris Transportation Group encompasses Polaris Transport Carriers, Polaris Global Logistics, Polaris Commercial Warehousing, and NorthStar Digital Solutions.





Use Case

Increase Operational Efficiency








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