Dark Mode or Dark Theme has been in existence since Microsoft’s initial introduction in 2016, and over recent years has been growing in popularity.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark mode is a display setting for user interfaces, smartphone and laptops.


Instead of the traditional dark text on a white screen, dark mode is the opposite – using a light colour text on a dark background.

Why do people use Dark Mode?

Some people will find it easier to read screens in Dark Mode as they find it easier on the eyes, however this is not the case for all.


What people do agree on is that Dark Mode will:

  • Extend battery life
  • Reduce glare
  • Reduce blue light exposure.

Why Radaro has introduced Dark Mode?

While Dark Mode may not be for everyone, we can appreciate it is the preference for some users, and that preference may not be all the time, but only some time and in certain working environments.

“Offering both light and dark modes caters to a wider range of user preferences and accessibility needs, allowing Radaro to be more inclusive.


Many users find dark mode visually pleasing and modern, contributing to a better user experience.”

Arie Spivak, CTO

Radaro Dark Mode Options

1) As an individual user setting within the Radaro Management Portal.

Users of the Radaro Management Portal can now activate the Dark Mode setting for their view only, and this setting can be toggled on and off as required to suit the individuals needs and specific working environment.


2) Customer Tracking Pages &/or Job Reports

If your brand prefers to utilise Dark Mode features, from the merchant level we can set your preference to have all customer tracking pages and/or the Radaro Job Reports to be in Dark Mode.

How to activate Dark Mode?

1) Individual user

Once logged in, you can simply toggle on or off Dark Mode via the Account Profile button.


2) Customer Tracking Pages &/or Job Reports

To activate Dark Mode for these features, please speak with your Radaro Customer Success Manager.

If you would like more information regarding Dark Mode, or assistance digitising your last mile operations, contact the Radaro team or email support@radaro.com.

Please note, the initial implementation of Radaro SSO is compatible only with Microsoft Azure.