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Enhance your logistics operations with Radaro’s purpose-built functionality, driving on-road and backend efficiencies – all whilst creating data and transparency.

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Radaro is one of the easiest tools to implement into your business and manage on a day to day basis. the information for all parties is also brilliant

Continuous Improvement & Program Manager

Radaro's automatic feedback reminder triggers have resulted in a customer feedback aquisition rate of up to 40%

For Managers

Real Time Visibility

Achieve comprehensive oversight of your outbound network, encompassing both owned and contracted fleets. Radaro empowers you with live updates on job progress and driver status, ensuring unparalleled transparency.

Brand-Specific Job Execution

Generate brand-specific delivery work orders using Radaro Sub Branding, tailored to the brands you represent. Radaro Sub Branding enhances the customer experience by sending them notifications that are branded in alignment with the brand they engaged with, while also establishing a data point for analytics focused on the individual brands.

Customer Self-Service Access

Offer your essential client brands access to a tailored selection of your data, pertinent to their specific brand. With Radaro Sub Brand Views, empower these key clients by granting them a dedicated interface that furnishes them with real-time job updates, delivery timeframes, queue positioning, and job reports through an intuitive self-service platform, substantially diminishing the volume of incoming customer calls.

For Drivers

Driver Checklists

Establish a fluid chain of responsibility for drivers through Radaro’s Start of Day Checklists. Radaro’s SoD checklists are fully customisable, featuring immediate email escalations in cases of non-compliance, and include the ability to attach requisite photos and comments.

Complete Pick-up Workflow

Radaro Pickup Workflows empower you to establish a comprehensive audit trail for customer or warehouse collections, facilitating evidence capture at the point of pickup, enriched with unlimited photos, comments, and signatures.

Transit Label Scanning

Establish a driver chain of custody using Radaro’s Barcode and Transit Label scanning procedures. Radaro records both scan-on and scan-off events, which can effortlessly synchronise with in-house inventory systems, ensuring precise inventory tracking.

Multi-Layered POD

Radaro’s top-tier Proof of Delivery (POD) recording process allows for limitless photo capture or upload, customer signatures with customised confirmation messaging, driver commentary, and PDF document scanning. This assures that Radaro serves as a unified platform for not just visual evidence, but for all aspects pertinent to your delivery.