After months in development, the Radaro team proudly launched the release of the new REACT platform during a live webinar this April.

What is REACT?

Real Time Escalations And Triage

REACT provides a centralised platform for all the infield escalations and customer feedback gained from your last mile operations.


Radaro processes an incredible number of delivery and service jobs each day, and by working closely with our clients we gain valuable insights into the data they require to streamline and improve efficiencies across their delivery operations.

Radaro Escalations

Escalations are not new to Radaro. Escalations within Radaro are sent in real time to unique, specific email addresses based on the type of the escalation.


Radaro customers utilise an array of escalations including:

  • Customer Feedback
  • Job Success Codes
  • Job Error/Failure Codes

While email escalations are great and allow prompt follow up, management and multiple team visibility over those email escalations is limited leading to an array of questions.


  • What happens when the process to resolve an escalation, needs involvement by multiple stakeholders?
  • What happens to the email when staff are away?
  • How do you assess the steps taken to resolve an escalation?
  • How do you know the escalation was resolved at all?
  • How are you identifying themes within your operations to proactively prevent similar escalations occurring again?


REACT was born to address these questions, centralising all escalations in a single, source of truth platform.


Having a single, source of truth platform means that all stakeholders, no matter which business unit they belong to, can collaborate on a purposely built, user-friendly interface, maintaining a complete audit trail of all action taken against a specific escalation.


REACT closes the loop on any type of escalation journey and forms a culture of accountability whilst offering complete transparency over the journey to resolution.

REACT Key Features

  • Capture multiple escalation types in one central location
  • Responsibility Allocation –
    • Configure which Users receive which escalations
    • Re-assign escalations as needed
  • Multiple filter options & Watch list- keep an eye on what’s relevant for you
  • Quick Search Capabilities
  • PDF exports of escalation history

REACT Key Benefits

1) Central location – A single source of truth means:

  • Teams across departments (customer service, sales and dispatch) can access and work on escalations in a collaborative manner.
  • Expedite resolution from sharing workloads across teams in different locations (working different time zones)
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiencies, minimising costs through reducing wasted time and lost information across multiple communication channels.


2) Accountability – having transparency and confidence that escalations are being addressed.

  • Assignment of escalations (with email alerts) holds all to account when their involvement is required.


3) Comprehensive Audit Trail – REACT maintains a complete history of all interactions (and timing) within the escalation, with the option to produce a full pdf report.


4) Reporting – REACT provides detailed analytics over escalation history and resolution timelines providing a tool to power strategic decision making.

It was great to see such a diverse range of both clients and prospective Radaro customers attend the webinar and receive the subsequent feedback. We’re looking forward to hearing the benefits received as REACT is released into more and more customer operations.


If you’d like to see how Radaro REACT can improve your management of customer escalations, contact the Radaro team or email support@radaro.com.